Trends EP

Trends EP

BergWacht Records shows up with its third release “Trends EP”. Title track “Trends” on A-Side starts with a strong and to-the-point kick that directly puts this track on the floor. Soon thoughtful, melodic patterns pour into this clear announcement before the pumping subbass synth with a special impulsive flow is added. Later on, fussy and dreamy heights bring the whole thing to an atmospheric turning point. This arrangement is a perfect dancing of peaktime bass elements with flying tender sounds.

“Skew” again makes short work at the beginning: An irresistible, magnetic kick is accompanied by a groovy and funky sample, while in the background a deep melody gets started to be built up as the harmonic base. Bit by bit, the track is brought forward by several percussive parts, melancholic, heart-touching sounds and well-timed breaks. Another ecstatic tune to kill the crowd!

Second track on B-Side, Good N808, truly lives up to its name. Deeper than the two ancestors, it also satisfies every needs with Till Kruger’s unique happening of drifting kicks, forward-pressing drumsets, catchy melodies and lovely harmonics.

Date: March 16, 2014
Label: Bergwacht