Remix for Bar 25

Remix for Bar 25

The first month of the new year is already over and hopefully spring starts soon.

During those cold winter days I’ve finished some new music and also a remix for my old friend Franksen.

It’s out today on Bar 25 Music and there are also remixes by youANDme and Matt Flores.

My version is inspired by some cold drinks on a beach.

Enjoy your sunset!



Some info about the release:

Long-term Frankfurt house-player Franksen (Houseworx, Plastic City, SInnmusik…) and avid newcomer Rafa Zoe (Treibjagd) team up delivering slo-mo depths with firmly gripping vibes. LUMEN EP is full of mature sounds elevating minds and nights.

SOUL MASSIVE sees Franksen and Rafa Zoe get down in a mere glow of low wailing, deep n dark Moog basses, weighed by dreamy synth sounds, seething vocals and an overall attitude of a track that enters like a royal beauty from the first solemn sounds.

LANTERN drops the tempo lower – merging Franksen’s groove excellence with a workout of dubby chords and illuminating vibraphone-notes putting almost anyone in a smiling and satisified trance. No darkness with this lantern!

Berlin mastermind youANDme (Hypercolour, Poker Flat, Cocoon) delivers his finery with two bass-heavy yet lightly and sustainably grooving remixes of SOUL MASSIVE – delivering little dubby manoeuvres to any floor that feels like ‘keep goin’.

Live-Act and hardware aficionado Till Krüger (200 Records) and Matt Flores (ORS, Compost Black Label) remix LANTERN in different fashion. While Till Krüger unites sundown and sunrise in his lightweight take accompanied by swell doses of bass, Matt Flores keeps up his fluffy yet grindin’ deephouse-Style in playful and dubbed-out manner.


1. Franksen, Rafa Zoe – Soul Massive
2. Franksen, Rafa Zoe – Soul Massive / youANDme Remix
3. Franksen, Rafa Zoe – Soul Massive / youANDme Dub
4. Franksen – Lantern
5. Franksen – Lantern / Till Krüger Mix
6. Franksen – Lantern / Matt Flores mix



Downloads available at: